Current Product Lines



Acme Ice Cream: NW Local Ice Cream Pints

Buzz Bar: Alcohol Frozen Bar Treats

Cauldron Broths: NW GUTRX Beef/Chicken Broth - Grocery & Food Service

Dove / Snickers / Mars: Frozen Ice Cream and Novelties

Essentials Baking Company: NW Frozen Pizza Dough & GF Pizza Dough Balls

Full Tilt Ice Cream: NW Ice Cream / Fruit Bars, All Natural. Pints / 3pks

Garlic Jim's: Frozen Pizzas and Crusts

Gnocchi Bar: NW Frozen Potato & Porcini Gnocchi Pasta

Home Run Inn Pizza: Chicago Style, All Natural Frozen Pizza

Lopez Island Creamery: NW Ice Cream Pints & Tubs, All Natural

Maria's Cheese Puffs: NW Local Authentic Artisan Brazilian Cheese Bread

Mercer's Dairy: Alcohol Frozen Wine Pints

Molly Moon's: NW Handcrafted Ice Cream-Pints and Cups

Naia Bar Gelato: 3pk Gelato bars   

NW Wild Foods: NW Raw, Wild & Organic IFQ Berries & Dried Fruits

Otis Spunkmeyer: Frozen Cookies / Muffins

Parfait Organic Ice Cream: NW Flavors of Handmade Organic Ice Cream Pints

Pizza'zza: NW Local Artisan Pizzas 

Remlinger Farms: NW Frozen Fruit, Berries & Homemade Pies

Rojo's Famous: Pancake Sandwich

Street Treats: NW Frozen Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Sunfresh Freezerves: NW Frozen Freezer Jam

Swell Gelato: NW Frozen Dog Desserts

Tipsy Scoop: Alcohol Frozen Spirits Pints

Upside Down Ice Cream: Super Premium Ice Cream

Whidbey Islands Ice Cream: NW All Natural Gourmet Ice Cream, Pints, 3pk Bars & Tubs

Whidbey Pies: - NW Frozen Hand Made, Whole Ingredients Pies

Winegar's: NW Homemade Local Ice Cream Pints   


Bakery / Bread 

Cobb's Treats: NW All Natural Chocolate Dessert Cups / Cashew Cream Cheeses

Divine Pie: NW Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free Cheesecakes

Flax 4 Life: NW GF Flax Muffins, Flax Cakes & Flax Granola

Honey Mama's: NW Single Origin Raw Cacao Nectar Bars 

Jack's Paleo Kitchen: NW Paleo Cookies

No Worries Mountain Bread: Australian All Natural Flat Bread

Olivia Superfree: NW Gluten Free Bread & Dessert Products

Rainier Organic Bakery: NW Ezekiel Organic Sprouted Bread Products

Seattle Bagel Bakery: NW Kettle Boiled Clean Bagel Products and Breakfast Sandwiches

Silver Hills: NW Sprouted Organic Grains, Bread and Bagels


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